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The Place of Offering

God's covenant to us on tithing is that he will rebuke devourers for our sake. This is simply a covenant of Protection over the remaining 90%. This does not in anyway mean that the remaining 90% will be sufficient. I have discovered lately that most of us as Christians will rather over pay our tithe even pay up to 20% at times using this to provoke increase on our income rather than giving. Yes it works, but the only Covenant of God for Increase or Blessing has only to do with giving and not even prayer and fasting. Being a Christian or fasting and praying every day of the year does not automatically mean you will be blessed. GIVERS NEVER LACK. This has been well spelt out in the scriptures. The devil is so aware of this and makes effort to deny us of the blessings accruable from giving. He gives us smart excuses of being a good tither and that we even over pay our tithe. It is good at this point to understand that tithing and giving are of two different important things, one for PROTECTION and the other is for INCREASE OR BLESSING. Giving to the men of God under whose commission and calling we enjoy God's grace is of great gain. Learn to give, GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU.

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