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Watchword :: 2020: Glorified In Christ


Sis Tessy

I want to thank God for the great thing He has done for me. When I went for a medical test some months ago the Doctor told me that I have fibroid and it will disturb my conception. I brought the report to our father in the Lord and he just told me to ignore the report and tear it. My husband and I tore it and with faith we believed the word of God's servant that I will be alright. Behold when I went back for the test the medical report was negative. Fibroid had gone. Praise the Lord

Bro D.

I am a medical student in the University and I had challenges with my studies. During the Prayer and Fasting session in this church at the beginning of the year I participated fully, even when I traveled away to school I continued.I asked God to help me and see me through the challenges in my study as I was struggling with it. I am testifying to the goodness of the Lord that I have passed my promotional examination now to the glory of God and I am not dropped from the course.Praise the Lord.

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