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Watchword :: 2020: Glorified In Christ

Prayer Request

What a great privilege we have as sons and daughters of the King—we can come into His throne room with our needs, our hurts, and our cares. We know that we can leave them at His feet because He cares for us and will always answer us in our time of need.

Please completely fill out the required information below and share your prayer request as simply as possible. We have a team of intercessors who will faithfully pray over your prayer needs. Remember that God loves you and cares for you, and so do we!

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Need Help?

On a daily basis, we all experience different storms of life, encounter different challenges and of course have pertinent needs which calls for encouragement from others who really care to make it through each day. The essence of God creating us is for relationships.

Our desire is to be a place of love, succour and healing where the hurting, wounded, battered, abused, confused, oppressed and frustrated can find life, joy, peace and fulfillment. That is why we have different units and fellowships whose main aim is to reach out to you, make a difference in every aspect of your life and help you find direction for your life based on God’s word. We have a 24-hour Help Line through which you can get help when in distress. We pray that you will find The King’svine a place of solitary for you to bring your hurts, thirsts, desires and receive God’s unfailing help.


This service is provided to our church family to assist them in times of need, crisis and hardship. If you have a financial need, please email Pastor Moyosoluwa Abejide at She will provide you with necessary information as to how to get assistance. Should you have any questions, please feel free to mail also.

Getting Married?

If you are planning a wedding or need counseling on knowing the mind of God for having a blissful married life. Please feel free to talk to the marriage and family matters board and they will take you through our comprehensive courtship sessions and our marriage mentoring programme. Send a mail to and make your intention known to them and someone will be getting in touch with you.

Seeking for Employment

Are you in need of a job? Send your Curriculum Vitae to and we will add you to our database and as soon as we have an opening in your field of expertise or we find a job that suits your profile and CV, we will get in touch with you.

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