The Kingsvine Assembly

Watchword :: 2020: Glorified In Christ

The Ministries in Kingsvine Assembly

Having set goals and determination to be a role model in Ministry as ordered and ordained by God, The King’svine Assembly is structured to live in a healthy and progressive manner with serious emphasis laid on the universal purpose of the church to which end the School of Ministry was established to encourage every member of the King’svine who senses the call of God upon their lives to make full proof of their ministry by helping them discover their ministry gifts and adequately teach, empower and mentor them on how to serve God and His people in a distinct way while employing their Spiritual gifts, Hearts, Ability, Personality and Experience towards fulfilling the God’s purpose for their lives.

However, each member of our church has the opportunity of fulfilling ministry through either our SERVICE UNITS or SPECIALISED MINISTRIES, and if led to bring God’s touch to people who we are not reaching presently or through a new medium why not START A NEW DEPARTMENT

Specialised Unit

  • Marriage and Family Matters Board
  • Men of Destiny
  • Women of Purpose
  • The Youth Fellowship
  • Dynamic Sisters’ Forum
  • Teens4Jesus Club
  • The Children Centre

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Schedule of Services

Sunday Service
Communion and Celebration - 9am

Manna - 5:30pm

Throne of Grace - 5:30pm

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