The Kingsvine Assembly

Watchword :: 2020: Glorified In Christ

Church Departments

Technical Department

The Technical department of the Kings’ Vine is charged with the task of managing the electronics, the sound systems, recording, lighting's and other electrical work in the church.
Our focus is to serve God with the whole of our hearts; everything we do is done as an expression of worship. The department performs the following functions:

  1. Installation and testing of equipments.
  2. Handling of church electrical work.
  3. Stage management.
  4. Maintenance of equipments.

Membership benefits

  1. Opportunity of discovering self.
  2. Provision for spiritual and moral.
  3. Career support.


Music department is made up of dedicated ministers of the gospel through their ministration in songs and way of life. We are bound together by God's love, reflecting and establishing it among ourselves and all we come in contact with. Psalm 34:1

We minister in songs to touch the very heart of God and bring down His hands to bless His people. We bring down God's healing, deliverance and blessings.


The Publicity department is responsible for propagation of the gospel through various publications and publicizing the activities of the church.

Our Vision: The vision of the Publicity Department is to positively touch the lives of the people and transform them by the exposition of the Word of Life.

Our Mission: The mission of the department is to reach out to the spiritual needs of the members of the church and the entire public through the engraved word of God flowing with power from the Lord Jesus Christ and to make the gospel available to everyone through publishing inspiring word.

Activities: During the formative stage an attempt was made to publish a magazine for the church and in 2012 the Church’s first mini magazine/bulletin The Mater’s Voice was published. Other activities of the department have been in various forms which are meant to make impact on all readers, including managing of the church website.

Sanctuary Keepers

The Sanctuary keepers unit is responsible for the general keeping of the Church premises. It is very important unit in the church, though may not be very visible but their activities are directed towards making the house of God presentable for worship.

Commission: The Unit is commissioned to make the house of the Lord clean and ready for fellowship. As recorded in 2 Chronicles 29:5, we remove filth from the house of God for there to be free flow of interaction between us and God.

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