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Watchword :: 2020: Glorified In Christ

The emergence of the King’svine Assembly is progressional, dramatic and divine. In 1996, I received God’s clarion call into the full time ministry. As a young bachelor, I was zealous and very active in various Christian Organizations and Ministries serving the Lord with passion.

At the close of 1996, I received specific instructions from the Lord. Although I was still a teacher in a missions school. The Lord instructed me to resign my appointment to go into full time ministry. I had a deep conviction that the fullness of time had come. I obeyed God’s instruction and then started a ministry called Gospel for Every Nation Ministries Inc. Going by the passion I have for the kingdom work, I began to organize crusades from villages to towns and cities. These crusades and outreaches recorded great success with many souls saved. Great revival, healing, deliverance and outstanding miracles characterized my meetings. I experienced the move of the Holy Spirit in such a tremendous, awesome and unpredictable manner every moment and everywhere I had the opportunity to preach the gospel.

In September, 2005, one of God’s instructions manifested again when He told me to start the Television and Radio Ministry. The media broadcast began immediately reaching out and blessing millions of lives. The testimony abounds with undeniable proof and evidences. Muslims have been saved through the Television and Radio Broadcast. The media ministry is growing larger and stronger.

Years after I started the Television and Radio Broadcast, the Lord told me He was going to take me to another phase of ministry in my life. He told me to start the church arm of the ministry through which His glorious counsel will be fulfilled and fully manifest. This divine instruction and mandate came May 2nd which is my birthday. It is customary for me to celebrate in prayer and fasting. While waiting on the Lord on my birthday in year 2006, the Lord led me to John 15:1-5. The word "Vine" struck my heart so much. Hence, my conviction for the church name "The King’s Vine" was settled and done.

In December 8th, 2006, The King’svine Assembly was established and we had the first service in my living room and on the 4th of February, 2007, The King’svine Assembly was inaugurated. PRAISE THE LORD!!!

My wife, Pastor Moyosoluwa Faith Abejide who is also called into full time ministry, is the co-founder and vice president of the King’svine Assembly. She is also the founder of "Heart of Passion Ministries Int."; a ministry committed to the suffering, orphans, widows and less privileged.

The King’svine Assembly (Incorporated) is committed to preaching the total counsel of God, reaching out, touching hearts, changing lives, making a difference and building the saints and above every other thing, preparing the saints for Christ’s glorious return.


Preaching the total counsel of Christ's redemptive power, reaching out, touching hearts, changing lives, making a difference and giving liberty from every satanic oppression by the WORD and the power of the Holy Spirit


Building the people to build the kingdom.

  1. House to House Evangelism
  2. Mass Evangelsim (Rural & City Crusades)
  3. Media (Radio and Television Broadcast)
  4. Outreaches to the Youths through music, self-empowerment, drama etc.
  5. Missions
  6. Giving help and hope to the suffering

Tenets of faith mean statement of belief. It is important and very crucial to know what The King’svine Assembly believes to avoid doctrinal errors and clashes. This will also help us to follow that which is just, true and good according to the word of God.

  1. We believe in Jesus as the Son of God. John 3:16-17
  2. We believe in His birth; death and resurrection. Matt 1:18-25, 27:33-36, 28:1-6
  3. One body, One faith and One Lord. Eph 4:1-6, Ps 133:1
  4. Peace with all men. Heb 12:14
  5. We believe in the shed blood for the redemption of mankind. Col.1:14
  6. We believe in justification by faith and not by works of the law. Gal 2:16, Rom 10:9-10, Rom 10:38.
  7. We believe in the bible which is the infallible word of God. Acts 10:4
  8. Baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Acts 19:1-6
  9. We believe in Water Baptism. Matt. 3:13-17
  10. We believe in His return. Rev 22:12-13
  11. Evangelism / Missions in accordance to the word of God. Mk 16:15-18
  12. We believe in Signs, Wonders and Miracles. Mk 16:19-20, Acts 3:1-8

Rev. Segun Sam Abejide is an anointed, seasoned and ordained Minister of the gospel with an Apostolic mandate. He preaches the WORD with passion, prophetic unction and with signs following. He speaks with simplicity, clarity, decorum and boldness. His Ministry is a blessing to millions and cuts beyond denominational barriers. He is well revered, respected and sought for amongst the orthodox, African Churches, Protestants and Pentecostals Churches.

His mandate is "Preaching the total counsel of the redemptive power of our Lord Jesus Christ, Reaching out, Touching hearts, Changing lives, making a difference and giving liberty from every satanic oppression by the WORD and the power of the Holy Spirit". He is the President and Founder of Gospel For Every Nation Ministries (Incorporated), a ministry with a commission and mandate to take the word of God to the NATIONS of the earth.

Rev Segun Abejide is an international speaker and passionately committed to evangelism through Crusades, Missions, Campus Outreaches, Television, Radio, Prints, Helps e.t.c. He is also the Founder and Senior Pastor of The Kingsvine Assembly Incorporated. He is the convener of "Fresh Oil Ministers'International. A forum that brings ministers of the gospel together in unity to fellowship, strengthen and encourage each other. Fresh Oil Ministers' International is a blessing to Pastors all around the world.

A member of Concerned Ministers' Forum Nigeria, Board Member, Development Associates International U.S.A. He hosts THE LIVING MANNER, a Television and Radio Gospel Broadcast. He is married to Co-Pastor, Moyosoluwa Faith Abejide. They are blessed with four children; Toluwalase, Oyindasayo, Moyosoreoluwa and Oluwasemilore. He lives in Ilorin, Nigeria.

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